catching up with megatrax composers, october edition

When they aren’t working on content for Megatrax libraries, the composers we work with are setting standards in their industry and working with some of the top names in their fields. Every month, we’ll track down three of them to catch up on what they’re working on beyond Megatrax and what they’ve got coming up. This month, we talked with Jorge Calandrelli and Robert Irving, and we got a some great news from Kurt Oldman.

Megatrax interview with composer Jorge Calandrelli

MX: What are you working on now?
JC: I am currently arranging and conducting the Duets Album of Lucho Gatica, legendary bolero singer from Chile with huge hits in Latin America during the ‘50s and the ‘60s produced by Humberto Gatica and KC Porter.

MX: What’s the last big thing you finished?
JC: I arranged and produced the Arturo Sandoval album ”A Time for Love” for Concord Records, which just received three Latin Grammy nominations. For this I’ve been nominated “Producer of The Year”.   I should also mention the orchestral arrangements I did for Sting with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of his biggest hits for the 2010 World Tour.

MX: What’s next for you?
JC: A very important project for Sony Classical which I can’t mention for confidentiality reasons.

Megatrax interview with composer Robert Irving

MX: What are you working on now?
RI: I’m working with Richard Carpenter on a new project.

MX: What’s the last big thing you finished?
RI: I recently finished the “Cars” video game for Pixar and the “Ben 10″ video game for Cartoon Network

MX: What’s next?
RI: I don’t have a clue. I hope something Ron and JC!!!

…and Mega kudos out to composer Kurt Oldman:
Kurt Oldman recently received his second Best Score nomination for his work on
the film “Stained” at the AIF Festival.

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