meet the producers of intervox!

Intervox goes to the four corners of the globe to bring you an international mix of modern musical genres.  Meet the producers of Intervox!

Megatrax: Tell us about your background. How did you each get started in the music industry, and what led you to producing? How did you land at Intervox?

Martin Pelz: I started making music in 1989 with multi track tapes, early samplers and drum machines. A few years later, after countless gigs, a gold record, and a jazz theory and upright bass diploma, I started working as an audio engineer, composer and co-producer in a professional recording studio. After gaining experience in pop, rock, dance and TV advertisement production, I felt the need for new challenges and was very happy when Intervox offered me this great opportunity in 2007.

Bettina Bonengel: Starting as a TV editor at a big German private broadcaster (ProSieben), I was quickly chosen from the editor in chief to join a task force to develop new programs. When I realized that a channel for German folk music was missing on the German TV market, I found important people within Kirch Media Group who liked the idea, so I produced a pilot, which has now been successfully running as GoldStar TV in the PayTV Channel SKY for 11 years.  My next task then was to structure the vast music archive of Kirch Media Group: that’s how Intervox Production Music was born. Unbelievably this year Intervox has celebrated its 10th birthday and its turnover has just increased again by 25 percent!

Megatrax: Tell us about the work Intervox does for Megatrax. What are your “specialties”?

BB: Before talking about what Intervox does for Megatrax, we want to thank Megatrax for the great job they do for us by promoting Intervox music in the US and South America. I think it’s a “European note” that Intervox is adding to the Megatrax library, contributing to the scope of the already ample Megatrax catalogue variety.

MP: Also the ethnic or world music section is very strong at Intervox, due to our international network of composers (Russia, Australia, UK, Italy, etc), we are able to provide authentic traditional tracks as well as a fresh mix of modern urban music and ethnic styles. The cooperation with young and progressive as well as renowned and experienced composers enables us to offer up-to-date electronica next to great film scores and outstanding original 1960s recordings that cannot be reproduced today.

Megatrax: Where has Intervox music been used, and where would you like to see it used in the future?

BB: Intervox music has been used in almost any kind of media you can think of. Outstanding placements were, from an educational point of view, the delivery of the whole library by a German armed forces aircraft to Kabul (Afghanistan), in order to professionally support the editors of the local TV stations. From an economic point of view, we are happy that major brands such as IKEA (and) Nintendo trust in Intervox.

MP: As public media use is in constant change, I’d love to see Intervox music following that change. Think of the growing video game sector or the vast online market.

Megatrax: What’s next for you?

MP: I’ll try staying up to date with the latest technologies, anticipating and adjusting to the market’s needs, as well as finding new musical trends and supporting young talents while keeping the balance with traditional styles the market still needs.

BB: Intervox has just set up new offices in London (UK), Salzburg (Austria) and Bolzano (Italy). This keeps me running the race!

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