randy hart reflects on megatrax’s 20th anniversary


My introduction to production music was when I was an executive at a large corporate music publishing company.  One of their holdings was a production music library.  When the president of the company asked if I had received the sampler CD of that product, I nervously said yes, and quickly dug it out to take a listen.

“Oh – background music…” I thought to myself as I scanned through the disc and looked at the track listings.  It wasn’t bad I thought, but just kind of “there”.  After it was explained to me the variety of applications for which it was used, I developed a much greater understanding of what it was.  I started paying attention to the music on television that prior to this experience, I had subconsciously tuned out.

Years later, fortune had it that I would go to work at another music company, this one being exclusively a licensor of production music. When in the stages of employment consideration, I listened to their product and found it had a great resemblance to the other music library I had professionally encountered.

As I remained active in this niche industry for a few years, I became familiar with both the marketplace the production music industry served, but also the leading companies servicing this marketplace.  I had even done consultant work for some of them.

When discussions first began between me and Megatrax, I thought to myself, “…I know what they do, and basically how they do it.”  By this time in my career, I felt fairly well versed in the production music industry and “how things were done” from an employee’s standpoint. From a distance they all looked (and sounded) alike until…

I accepted the offer and began to become familiar with this company. Major differences were noted immediately such as:  it was founded by and still owned by musicians.  These weren’t guys who claimed musical skill; they could actually compose and play!  The turnover rate of employees was remarkably low.  The efficiency of the operation was remarkably high.  This music company  actually had a creative management team and a clear direction in what
they wanted to be.  They were not constantly looking at competitors’ websites and copying marketing ideas.  One of the biggest (and most important) differences was the music!  The music!  What a concept.

The progressive culture at Megatrax can be heard in its repertoire. I continue to be astounded by the quality and variety of music this company produces.  It is no surprise that it thrives 20 years later as an independent music company (becoming rarer every year).  They’ve figured out that a combination of great music and a talented staff is a cornerstone in their success.  Megatrax is what a production music company should be.

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Megatrax Megatrax Production Music is the leading independent music source. Megatrax is dedicated to creating, licensing and delivering the finest quality production and custom music and best customer service in the industry. At Megatrax, our philosophy has always been to stay ahead of technology and to create exceptional quality music. Our commitment to excellence is evident in both the music we produce and the carefully selected catalogs that we represent. Our staff is dedicated to serving you in every way possible and our service team is focused on your specific production requirements. We have a list of products and services that are unmatched in the production music industry and are constantly evolving with your changing needs.

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