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In this episode of Five Questions With…, we talk with Marquee Music artist Ehren Ebbage about the work he’s done for Megatrax, his background in music, and more.

Megatrax: Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into music?

Sure.  I’m a singer-songwriter splitting my time between Los Angeles and the Napa Valley.  I write and perform my own tunes, I produce and engineer records for other artists, and lately I have been composing and producing music for TV.

I started out the way many young folks do, being fascinated by music and wanting to play in a band.  I eventually went to music school, played in various projects, and eventually played in a group that landed a major label record deal. That experience opened some doors and helped introduce me to the world of professional songwriting.  Since then I’ve been trying to learn my way around the industry and make a place for myself.

MX: If you had to describe your sound how would you?

I definitely fall in the singer-songwriter category.  Guy with guitar, heart on sleeve, singing folkish, countryish, rockish songs.  I try to pay special attention to lyrics, and to make interesting-sounding recordings.  I really love the way certain artists manage to make unique records while working in the singer-songwriter genre.  Aimee Mann comes to mind.  So perhaps I sound like a rootsy songwriter with an Aimee Mann aesthetic?

MX: Tell us about your work for Megatrax.

Megatrax is using a song, My Own Heart, that I wrote a few years ago.  It never quite fit in with the other songs on my record but I felt strongly that it should be out in the world somewhere.  When Wendie at Megatrax approached me about including it on one of their Marquee releases it seemed like a great way to put the song to use.

MX: If you tuned into one show or film or commercial and heard your song, what would be one or some ideal settings?

It’s a high-energy tune.  It reminds me of the Foo Fighters in a way.   It has a feeling of determination, self-motivation, pushing through a difficult moment, etc.  I think it could work to support that type of story line pretty well.

MX: What’s next for you?

More writing and recording.

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