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We’ll be at the National Association of Broadcasters Show next week, and Shangani will be on hand in our booth Monday afternoon for an exclusive performance in conjunction with our 20th Anniversary Celebration. The guys took a moment this week to tell us a little bit about the origins of the group and the work they do for Megatrax.

Megatrax: Can you tell us a little about the origin of Shangani and its name?

Shangani is the name of a river in Zimbabwe, and it is also the name of a historic battle, famous for being the first one where indigenous people defeated a colonizing power, in this case England in 1893.
MX: If you had to describe your sound how would you?

It’s a mix between original acoustic music, French chanson and Jazz standards. We also play some Bossa Nova numbers as well.

MX: Tell us about your work for Megatrax.

We have been writing for Megatrax for a long time, and contributed a song to Marquee Music (MQ007) recently – a fun, upbeat ditty in French named “La Boîte de Ronron”.

MX: If you tuned into one show or film or commercial and heard your song, what would be one or some ideal settings?

Hmmm… maybe a biopic about Django Reinhardt? Or perhaps a car commercial? Our songs typically fit the current trend for acoustic, jazzy, 1940’s-era French music… so it could really be used to sell anything!

MX: What’s next for Shangani?

We are in the process of writing for our new record as well as lining-up gigs in LA as well as in Europe. We’ll also be appearing at the Megatrax booth at the NAB conference in April.

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