licensing notes from leisa korn for 7/18/2011

The Business Affairs/Customer Service department at Megatrax is really heating up this summer!  We are busier than ever keeping up with the ever changing needs of our clients and composers. Here is just a little taste of what we currently have on our plates. Megatrax has signed with one of the largest audio detection services who can “accurately detect music underneath dialogue, sound effects or voiceovers in full duration even in the noisiest “dirty audio” environments.” The detailed reports we will receive and analyze will provide us with information about, where, when and how much of our music is being used in the captured markets. Combined with another service we have already been using this year, this detection service will be a welcome addition to our toolkit and will enable us to effectively monitor music usage and verify performance reporting.

Megatrax has now fully integrated our advanced CRM (customer relationship  management) system to enable our sales and customer service representatives to view a full picture of our client’s accounts with greater ease. We can track in real-time all phone calls and emails and collaborate with each other no matter where in the world we are working. This is one the most effective and powerful CRM software programs available today and we are thrilled with the speed and efficiency in which we can now react to our client’s needs.

These two powerful programs are not only assisting us with internal efficiencies but also give us an edge in being able to create an easier licensing experience for clients and a more efficient means of tracking music usage so that our composers receive their royalties. Once a music use is positively identified we can check our data base to make sure the proper license has been issued to the client and then follow up with the performing rights organizations for proper royalty payments.

So whether you are a client who needs a license, or a composer who has heard a cue and wants to know if it is licensed yet, remember that Business Affairs and Customer Service is here to help you every step of the way. Enjoy the warmth and beauty of Summer!

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