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Production Music leaders to sponsor info session at NAB Radio Show

AUGUST 31, 2011 – North Hollywood – Megatrax Production Music will be bringing the experts to the pros at September’s National Association of Broadcasters Radio Show in Chicago, sponsoring an info session featuring Geller Media International’s Valerie Geller, Aircast Custom Music’s Randy Hart, WLS AM & FM’s Jason Dildine and WJFK FM’s Brian Peck. The panel will be moderated by Megatrax’s Senior Division Manager for Radio, US & Latin America, Ileana Landon.

The session, “Tall Orders for the Short Staffed – Creating Powerful Radio in a Tight Economy,” promises to “empower radio staffers with creative solutions for Creating Powerful Radio content in a tight economy,” with “tips, secrets, and …examples of content that is powerful and impactful, keeping audiences tuned in well beyond the music.”

Says panelist Randy Hart, Creative Services Director for Aircast: “Production budgets continue to head south, making it vital that broadcasters find vendor resources with the greatest value and squeeze every cent to maximize what they spend. This panel should shine a light on some issues and ideas to help in that process.”

Adds Ron Mendelsohn, CEO of Megatrax: “We are delighted to sponsor this all-star panel of experts sharing their tips and tricks on how to create powerful radio programming, imaging and commercials. This is sure to be a ‘must see’ session at NAB Radio.”

Tall Orders for the Short Staffed will be presented from 9:30-10:30 a.m. on Thursday, September 15, in the Hyatt Regency Chicago’s rooms A & B. All NAB attendees are welcome, and anyone directly involved in the production process is especially encouraged to be there.

To learn more about NAB Radio Show, please visit their website at To learn more about this info session, please contact moderator Ileana Landon via email at or by phone at 818-255-7172.


Megatrax Music, the leading independent production music source for film, broadcast, advertising and multimedia, was founded in 1991 and has been serving the media and entertainment industries for 20 years. Originally established by composers JC Dwyer and Ron Mendelsohn in a studio adjacent to ABC Network, Megatrax is currently based in North Hollywood and maintains a 14,000 square foot facility housing multiple recording studios, edit rooms and offices.

Its staff has grown to include 38 full- and part-time employees and a growing network of award-winning artists, composers and producers. The company has expanded beyond its original flagship Megatrax library to a total of nine premium music catalogs including Amusicom, Beat Bites, Intervox, LA Riot, Sensacion, The Scene, and Tonal Injection, plus their indie artist Marquee Music label.

In addition to their music catalogs, the company also offers a host of additional services including custom scoring and broadcast news/ID packages through their Aircast Custom Music division. Megatrax has always striven to be a leader in technological advancement, most recently leading the charge with their unequalled music search and hard drive music delivery systems.

Among the notables who have contributed to Megatrax’s body of music in the last 20 years are:

Acclaimed Film/TV composer Chris Hajian

Emmy-nominated Film/TV composer Donn Wilkerson

Emmy-nominated Film/TV composer Craig Stuart Garfinkle

Emmy Award-winning Film/TV composer Danny Pelfrey

Grammy Award-winning composer and arranger Jorge Calandrelli

Trailer Music veteran producer Robert Etoll

Veteran urban/hip-hop producer Christian Salyer

Acclaimed Chronic Music producers Eric Cunningham and Chris Lang


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Megatrax Megatrax Production Music is the leading independent music source. Megatrax is dedicated to creating, licensing and delivering the finest quality production and custom music and best customer service in the industry. At Megatrax, our philosophy has always been to stay ahead of technology and to create exceptional quality music. Our commitment to excellence is evident in both the music we produce and the carefully selected catalogs that we represent. Our staff is dedicated to serving you in every way possible and our service team is focused on your specific production requirements. We have a list of products and services that are unmatched in the production music industry and are constantly evolving with your changing needs.

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