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Aircast Custom Music just completed the final mixes for the launch of a 24/7 news network based in Caracas, Venezuela called, Telesur.  It was one of the more comprehensive projects we have undertaken with about 50 individual elements created.

One of the more interesting aspects of this project was the fact that while the channel is broadcast in the U.S., northern Africa, Latin and Central America and western Europe, the integral element of all of the music used for its programming and branding was created in Tennessee.

The diversity of the talent pool based in Tennessee has long seemed to surprise many who think of Nashville as just the country music capital, which arguably it is.  These days, you’re as likely to bump into Sheryl Crow, Gavin DeGraw, Jack White or the Kings of Leon at the grocery store, as you are Vince Gill.

I recall vividly working with the L.A. based film and television department of a large multi-national music publisher years ago as I ran the Nashville office.  The pre-disposition of many outside of Nashville marginalizing the music as only country was a normal hurdle to cross as songs would be pitched for various L.A. or New York based projects, and we all worked for the same company!  Fortunately, the music frequently won out and perceptions were changed.

The success of the Telesur project again underscores the breadth of musical talent that is here.  Granted, the migration from other music centers has been strong, but it’s intriguing that this city remains a magnet for so many different musical styles.

Having moved here from Los Angeles, I find it difficult to identify a single element that makes this music center what it is.  But with artists that chose to record here recently such as Yo-Yo Ma, Black Eyed Peas, Maroon 5, Michael Buble and Beck, the attraction must be more than simply wanting to dine at the famed Loveless Café.

The sound of a new international news network, Telesur, continues to widen the spectrum of music that comes out of “Music City, U.S.A.”.  So, Gracias and Thank y’all.

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