a simple suggestion to a happier life

“Under commit, over deliver!” Do this and your life will change for the better. Period.

When asked how soon you can complete a project, answer with a promise to deliver at least two days after you know you can. Then deliver one day early. That is how you over-deliver.

It is inherently in our nature to try to please important others in our lives. Be it bosses or spouses, our reflex reaction is often to promise them what we think they want to hear. We are willing, in this moment, to set aside other demands and responsibilities in order to deliver what we promised.

But life gets in the way of our good intentions. We end up missing the time we promised simply because there were other priorities we faced with competing deadlines.

Begin to “pad” every commitment that you make with extra time, the worst outcome will be that you deliver when promised. The best – you will deliver sooner and exceed expectations! This leads to less stress, and a happier life.

- Phil Macko, SVP of Sales for Megatrax

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