Take a video tour of the new Megatrax.com

Have you checked out the new Megatrax.com & its innovative search features? Here is a handy video tour to introduce you to the new site! Visit our YouTube channel at YouTube.com/MegatraxMusic for more videos & tours!

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Megatrax Megatrax Production Music is the leading independent music source. Megatrax is dedicated to creating, licensing and delivering the finest quality production and custom music and best customer service in the industry. At Megatrax, our philosophy has always been to stay ahead of technology and to create exceptional quality music. Our commitment to excellence is evident in both the music we produce and the carefully selected catalogs that we represent. Our staff is dedicated to serving you in every way possible and our service team is focused on your specific production requirements. We have a list of products and services that are unmatched in the production music industry and are constantly evolving with your changing needs.

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