Megatrax Teams with Virtuoso Pianist Mikhail Korzhev on “Piano Classics”

Megatrax Teams with Virtuoso Pianist Mikhail Korzhev on “Piano Classics”
Virtuoso pianist brings authenticity to double album.

June 12, 2012 – North Hollywood – Megatrax has raised the bar for classical piano in production music with their first foray into world-class classical recordings, the upcoming double album Piano Classics.” Featuring 39 of the most-requested and best-loved classical compositions, this collection will delight with its concert-grade authenticity, compliments of pianist Mikhail Korzhev and a Hamburg Steinway-D grand piano.

When embarking on the production of “Piano Classics,” Megatrax CEO and Co-Founder Ron Mendelsohn decided to go the distance by engaging a virtuoso concert pianist with access to a world-class instrument. After an exhaustive audition process, Megatrax teamed with Russian-born pianist Mikhail Korzhev, who is currently on the faculties of California State University, Fullerton, and Chapman University.

Mendelsohn says that this is “the first time in our 21-year history that we’ve reached out to a classical artist and teamed up to do a double album,” and the results speak for themselves.

This double album, which includes beloved compositions from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern eras of classical music and features composers like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin and Debussy, was recorded in a spacious concert hall using high fidelity audiophile equipment. Korzhev performed on a nine-foot Hamburg Steinway-D concert grand piano, and his personal tuner was on hand during the sessions to freshen up the tuning of the piano during breaks.

Korzhev holds a doctorate in piano performance from the University of Southern California, and since 2008 he has been the faculty member at the Beverly Hills International Music Festival. He has just released his second CD—piano compositions as well as works for violin and piano by English composer Gerard Schurmann. The Salt Lake Tribune has said of him, ”Korzhev belongs to that exclusive club of super musicians…he already performs like a keyboard legend…he is a major talent.”

Piano Classics is scheduled for release on June 15. To learn more, please call 818.255.7100 or email


Megatrax Production Music, the leading independent production music source for film, broadcast, advertising and multimedia, was founded in 1991 and has been serving the media and entertainment industries for more than 20 years. Originally established by composers JC Dwyer and Ron Mendelsohn in a studio adjacent to ABC Network, Megatrax is currently based in North Hollywood and maintains a 14,000 square foot facility housing multiple recording studios, edit rooms and offices.

Its staff has grown to include dozens of full- and part-time employees and a growing network of award-winning artists, composers and producers. The company has expanded beyond its original flagship Megatrax library to a total of eleven premium music catalogs including Amusicom, Beat Bites, Intervox, LA Riot, Megasonics, Sensacion, Sound Adventures, The Scene, and Tonal Injection, plus their indie artist Marquee Music label. In addition to their music catalogs, the company now offers a host of additional services including custom scoring and broadcast news/ID packages through their Aircast Custom Music division.

Megatrax has always striven to be a leader in technological advancement, most recently leading the charge with their unequalled music search and hard drive music delivery systems.

Among the notables who have contributed to Megatrax’s body of music in the last 20 years are:

- Acclaimed Film/TV composer Chris Hajian
- Emmy-nominated Film/TV composer Donn Wilkerson
- Emmy-nominated Film/TV composer Craig Stuart Garfinkle
- Emmy Award-winning Film/TV composer Danny Pelfrey
- Grammy Award-winning composer and arranger Jorge Calandrelli
- Trailer Music veteran producer Robert Etoll
- Veteran urban/hip-hop producer Christian Salyer
- Acclaimed Chronic Music producers Eric Cunningham and Chris Lang

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