On The Road Again

It is again that time of year when I begin to rack up Frequent Flyer miles. Last week I journeyed from San Diego to LA for Promax, then back to San Diego the next day to unpack/ repack. Early the morning after I boarded a flight to Toronto, Canada and returned from this trip late last night having been delayed, stranded overnight and stuck in a plane for 5 hours with a young child kicking the back of my seat most of the flight.

On Monday I depart again, this time for Las Vegas and Station Summit. I will be there through the entire week, with 7 am breakfasts and 7 pm dinners each day. Long days, long nights.

As I write this piece today I am jet-lagged. I fell asleep in west coast time but awakened according to the east coast time zone I had just left. I am unpacking again, catching up on over one hundred emails, laundry and other such matters. I am groggy and there is no food in my refrigerator.

Is it all worth it? Absolutely.

The value of face time with our clients is immeasurable. Not only are the interactions wonderful, the knowledge I gain about our client’s workflow and their ongoing needs with regard to our product is priceless.

During my Canada trip our clients provided three recommendations for our website that are brilliant and will benefits our clients all over the world. When in Brazil two years ago I learned of an issue with our deliverables that we not only fixed, but significantly improved as a result.

I learn more in one day about our clients than in a month not travelling. So, even though I complain sometimes I will always be boarding that next flight.

To all of you that I have visited, thank you for your hospitality! Next stop after Vegas, Honduras!

- Phil Macko, SVP of Sales

photo by Vox Efx

photo by Vox Efx

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