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The Independence Trade-Off: Self vs. Sell in a White Noise World 
Do It Yourself. Decide It Yourself. Delegate it. Don’t micro-manage it. Trust in others. License it. Loan it. Sell it all the way out. Wherever we fall along the spectrum — and most of us fall in many different places these days — it’s a question that has only gained importance as a whole new world of creative, marketing, and distribution mechanisms has opened before us: when is the time to hold on to it all, and when do we let go of what we’ve made? It’s not just signing to a label versus self-releasing now. It’s film and commercial licensing, radio play and promotions, direct-to-fan relations and even the production of the work itself. Or as some of the most creative and most successfully sold-out artists of all time might have put it: “Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody.” Will your independence vanish in the haze?

Questions Answered

  1. How can an independent artist make connections & money in production music?
  2. How can an independent artist connect with music supervisors to get their music into media?
  3. How can independent artists succeed with a direct-to-fans sales model for music & merch?
  4. How can independent artists build a fan base and book big shows without the support of a major label?
  5. How can independent artists get radio play on mainstream radio?


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